Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Untill a fairy flew inside.No one noticed the fairy.''I am hungry''called Mike."We are so thirsty''they all shouted.''Not any more you dont." said a squeaky voice." Its me fairy Melanie'' she called in a cheerful voice.''Hurray ''exclaimed Famous Four.''Oh I dont think I know you
people", said Melanie. "We are famous four", everyone shouted. " Yes! I've heard about you:, said Melanie. "Now lets get you free with a swish of my magic wand. ABRACADABRA! Get these children free! I've also brought some more kids with me.Here are Jake, Jessie Rose and Daisy."
"Hiya" "Lets go and tie Hinglebart and his crew up", said Daisy and Anna. "Ok", everyone said. As soon as Mike, Finn and Jake had unlocked the galley door, they all could get out. " A'Ha! Just what i was looking for", gleamed Captain Hinglebart. But before he could make his move all the children attacked. "PUNCH" "BANG" "DONG" "BONG". The kids had tied him up!
Later Famous Four took Hinglebart  with them to the plank."Walk the Plank!", shouted famous four. "Ahhhhhh!", shouted Hinglebart as he fell into the water. "We'll see you again", said Mike.
So the Famous Four went back to the seaside.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Famous Four on a Boat

Once upon a time Famous 4 were playing on the seashore.They were having a great time.
Suddenly a bottle came drifting from the sea.Finn picked it up. It had a message inside.Anna read it."Come to pirate island", it said."Well come on", exclaimed Mike."Yes if we have to go lets go", agreed Tracy. So off they went.
After a few hours they were tired. There was a bench right ahead of them. Finn and Mike led the way to the bench. When they all sat down they all began to read their books. But someone was watching them. That someone was Captain Hingelbart the Evil Pirate!
"Hey there's Hinglebart!", shouted everyone. "Oh no! He's coming closer."
Once he came to the tip of the bench, SNATCH! He had taken Mike, Tracy Finn and Anna! He tied them up and put them in the ships galley where no one could get them. They were locked in for an hour and a half.