Friday, 22 April 2016


The time we long for all year,
The times when there's nothing to fear,
Christmas brings us fun and joy,
Santa always provides a toy!
Our Christmas tree is shining bright
With ornaments, bunting and a star...
It can be seen over a mile far!
There's no time snowman, no time to fly..
Mom's baking a mince pie : )
Time to put carrots, cookies and milk out...
Santa's coming without a doubt !!!!!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

If I were an alien....

If I was an alien in a foreign country,
I wouldn't know where to go,
If they spoke another language,
I wouldn't know the difference between yes and no!

If I was an alien in outer space,
I wouldn't be able to tie up my lace!
Because gravity's the principal up there,
And life in space is quite unfair!

I'm happy I'm not an alien,
Sitting in a UFO,
But here in algebra class,
There's nothing I know !

( Hypothetically speaking )

Thursday, 9 October 2014


This year I baked a cake
Well , at least I tried to bake
I tried to stir, tried to mix
But ended up in such a fix
I ran around with a mop
When mom saw , she screamed "stop !!"
I continued with my bake
Making a giant flour lake
The sugar was eaten by a rat
The dough was thick and fat
I managed to make it
But then I realised
It wasn't Mother's Day
Nor mum's birthday!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Colours of the Rainbow

Red,green, blue , purple, yellow and
Not forgetting orange.
Let's start with that colour.
Orange is an orange,
Sweet and juicy in your mouth.
Orange is a basketball.
Ahhh! athletes coming my way.
Orange is the setting sun,
Mixed with yellow and red.
Now let's talk red.
Red is a rose,
The prettiest flower in the land.
Red is the colour of a lighthouse,
Stripy along with white.
Red is tomato,
Seed and squashy of course.
I ask what is blue.
Blue is the sky,
Where birds come to fly.
Blue is the sea ,
With fishies swimming along.
Blue is a blueberry just as it sounds.
Green what's that?
Green is the grass I run along,
Green is a grape.
Whoops !
Accident of squash!
Green is a stalk on a fruit or veg,
Purple ! I don't get that do you?
Of course we do!
Purple is an Aubergine with stalk.
Purple is morning glory,
Pansy and violet.
Purple is my second favourite colour.
I've told u all the colours of the rainbow,
One more thing,

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Snowflakes like tiny bits of clouds

Drifting down to the ground

Snowflakes like little bunny tails

Twirling around

Snowflakes sparkling like a bright star in the sky

Snowflakes fly in the sky up high

And they’re swirling and twirling by.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

I would love to be
A fish in the Sea
All bright and Green maybe
you could swim with me!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Untill a fairy flew inside.No one noticed the fairy.''I am hungry''called Mike."We are so thirsty''they all shouted.''Not any more you dont." said a squeaky voice." Its me fairy Melanie'' she called in a cheerful voice.''Hurray ''exclaimed Famous Four.''Oh I dont think I know you
people", said Melanie. "We are famous four", everyone shouted. " Yes! I've heard about you:, said Melanie. "Now lets get you free with a swish of my magic wand. ABRACADABRA! Get these children free! I've also brought some more kids with me.Here are Jake, Jessie Rose and Daisy."
"Hiya" "Lets go and tie Hinglebart and his crew up", said Daisy and Anna. "Ok", everyone said. As soon as Mike, Finn and Jake had unlocked the galley door, they all could get out. " A'Ha! Just what i was looking for", gleamed Captain Hinglebart. But before he could make his move all the children attacked. "PUNCH" "BANG" "DONG" "BONG". The kids had tied him up!
Later Famous Four took Hinglebart  with them to the plank."Walk the Plank!", shouted famous four. "Ahhhhhh!", shouted Hinglebart as he fell into the water. "We'll see you again", said Mike.
So the Famous Four went back to the seaside.