Saturday, 1 December 2012

Colours of the Rainbow

Red,green, blue , purple, yellow and
Not forgetting orange.
Let's start with that colour.
Orange is an orange,
Sweet and juicy in your mouth.
Orange is a basketball.
Ahhh! athletes coming my way.
Orange is the setting sun,
Mixed with yellow and red.
Now let's talk red.
Red is a rose,
The prettiest flower in the land.
Red is the colour of a lighthouse,
Stripy along with white.
Red is tomato,
Seed and squashy of course.
I ask what is blue.
Blue is the sky,
Where birds come to fly.
Blue is the sea ,
With fishies swimming along.
Blue is a blueberry just as it sounds.
Green what's that?
Green is the grass I run along,
Green is a grape.
Whoops !
Accident of squash!
Green is a stalk on a fruit or veg,
Purple ! I don't get that do you?
Of course we do!
Purple is an Aubergine with stalk.
Purple is morning glory,
Pansy and violet.
Purple is my second favourite colour.
I've told u all the colours of the rainbow,
One more thing,

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